iBeacon in Baseball Stadium

8 “Touchless Mobile Experiences” That You Can Expect By 2015

With iBeacons rolling out across the country, the age of touchless mobile experiences is upon us. Thanks to these devices, we’re on the verge of seamless digital enhancement for our offline lives. Here are 8 of the coolest ways that “smarterphones” could help us in the very near future:

1. At a music festival, your phone makes you a playlist based on which bands you saw.

Concertgoers at a music festival

credit: cheekychicago.com

2. At a restaurant, your phone recommends certain foods based on how many calories you’ve burned that day. Ran three miles this morning? Go ahead, have dessert.

A woman on her cellphone in a restaurant

credit: blog.timesunion.com

3. At the mall, your phone alerts you that a new style that you previously liked is finally in stock.

inMarket iBeacon

credit: inMarket

4. A doctor knows his patient’s exact status, just by walking into a hospital room.

Doctor with an Iphone

credit: elitedaily.com

5. At a conference for work? Your phone knows which panels and keynotes you attended, and aggregates presentation materials for you.

SXSW Conference

credit: mashable.com

6. At the ballgame, your phone tells you how likely you are to catch a foul ball or home run based on where you’re sitting.

iBeacon in Baseball Stadium

credit: Major League Baseball

7. At the train station, your phone senses you’re on the platform and tells you if your train is on time or delayed, and where to stand to get the car with the most available seats.

Man on phone at train station

credit: technologyreview.com

8. At the airport, your phone beams you a map of nearby power outlets, tells you if your flight is delayed, and of any deals that might be around the terminal.

iBeacon at the airport.

credit: softwareindustryinsights.com

These are just a few examples of how iBeacon might affect our daily lives in the near future. Let us know in the comments if you have other ideas around where iBeacon will be in 2015and beyond!