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Adobe updates Marketing Cloud with iBeacon support

Adobe has just released an update to its Marketing Cloud service.  Among the important changes is the inclusion of iBeacon support. With the updates, Adobe is positioning Marketing Cloud as a streamlined mobile solution to help companies develop apps, manage marketing content, measure campaigns, and target and engage audiences in new ways. Adobe’s investment into iBeacon support should bode well for further iBeacon adoption among the big players in the enterprise software sector.

From Adobe’s Press Release:

Adobe is the first mobile provider to measure and respond to user engagement in mobile apps connected to iBeacons in sports stadiums, retail stories and other external venues. Adobe Mobile Services 2.0 allows companies to analyze and act on the users’ location near iBeacons including dwell time, entering or exiting an iBeacon area, navigation of mobile users around iBeacons and more. Marketers can also easily deliver local notifications based on the proximity to an iBeacon. In addition, companies are able to tie app interactions to all other app engagement data in Adobe Analytics.

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