Coca-Cola iBeacon

Coca Cola’s Refreshing Use of Beacons Showcases Retargeting Potential

Coca-Cola has augmented its digital marketing efforts with offline behavioral data from beacons and proximity. The iconic soft drink brand announced the results of a proximity campaign that leveraged beacon tech at a CAPA cinema in Norway, with a special  emphasis on retargeting moviegoers after the fact.

According to Mobile Marketer:

One of the goals of the campaign was to collect data on moviegoers so Coca-Cola could then retarget them a week later with an offer for a free ticket to return the movie theater, with 60 percent clicking on this ad and 20 percent redeeming the offer….


The campaign ran through CAPA’s own app, which makes native sense to the consumer.

Retargeting is one of the most successful forms of digital marketing, so it’s only natural that brands will turn to proximity to create a similar effect based on offline consumer habits. In terms of beacon use cases, offline retargeting has tremendous potential — perhaps more so than simply targeting shoppers with place-based offers. Despite the small sample size, a 20% redemption rate in the movie theater setting is very promising. One could imagine that this number might be even higher in a retail setting that consumers visit more frequently than the movie theater, or if extended to 3rd-party movie-related apps with a wider audience than CAPA’s own.

Coca-Cola also worked with Unacast and VG, Norway’s largest newspaper on the effort.