Duane Reade iBeacon

Duane Reade Tests iBeacon

Following in the steps of inMarket and Mobiquity, Duane Reade recently became the most recent retailer to announce a pilot iBeacon program in 10 of their stores in the NYC area.

The iBeacon launch, which reportedly went live on May 1st, was accompanied by an update to the Duane Reade smartphone app, allowing users phones to communicate with the in-store devices. Duane Reade has touched on a variety of ways that they plan to incorporate BLE tech into their shoppers’ experiences, including:

  •        Sending users notifications on their lock screen
  •       Sending coupons to users based on their proximity to store and their purchase history (more personalization of the iBeacon experience, which we initially discussed in our Virgin Atlantic article)
  •       Providing users with a floor map of their store and a product locator function, so users can use the app to find products in store

Additional to the value that an iBeacon program brings to customers, it also offers Duane Reade substantial benefits: the company hopes that tracking user movement in stores and tying it to purchase history will reveal new insights into customer activity and preferences.

To read more from Duane Reade’s press release – and to see the locations of this initial launch- click here.

A question to our readers: How many of you have retailer apps (Target, Walmart, etc.) on your phones, and if so, how frequently do you use them in store? Let us know below!