iBeacon News: Weekly Update

iBeacon News: Weekly Update

coachella and iBeacon

iBeacon tech still under the radar:

Nearly 70% of mobile app users are still unfamiliar with iBeacon technology. 10% of users surveyed like the prospect of iBeacon, while 20% were skeptical. NFC fared the same. 56% were aware of the technology, 6% said they would use it, and 38% said they would not.

Consumers’ were more receptive to push messages; 44% would welcome in-store push messages, while 56% were skeptical.

The stats don’t lie. Mobile is still relatively young, and a lot of new technologies coming out, heralded as game changers, are relatively unknown and unused by the masses. As is usually the case, it seems technology has outpaced consumer demand. It will be up to those leading the mobile revolution to provide solutions that the average consumer can get behind.

Beacondo: easy iBeacon enabled apps

Beacondo is a startup working to make building an iBeacon enabled app easier. Beacondo allows users to create fully functional iBeacon-enabled apps using a simple interface complete with a drag and drop system for building out features and managing content. Beacondo claims it will be an effective solution for retail stores, mom and pop shops, museums, and any other type of business that might want to toy around with iBeacon functionality with minimal technical commitment.

The app runs on a freemium model, offering “pro” or “enterprise” plans for those interested in accessing more in-depth features.

World’s second largest retailer adopts iBeacon

Carrefour, the world’s second largest retailer, has set up over 200 iBeacons in its Parisian flagship store. A mobile application, called “Where is it?” can be used in the store on either iOS or Android and has some really interesting functionality. The app will be able to direct a user specifically to any product in the store, and can even piggyback on a user’s existing shopping list to create a personalized shopping route through the store.

The app will soon begin rolling out push messages with personalized offers and coupons to users based on their position within the store.

Coachella & Tribeca Film Festival support iBeacon

The Tribeca Film Festival has integrated iBeacon technology into its official iOS app. Beacons will be used to update app users on nearby vendors, screening times, and special offers.

Coachella has also included iBeacon technology in its official app. App users will be able to receive proximity-based information, such as set-times, bathroom locations, and directions throughout the festival grounds.