iBeacons at the Superbowl

Another Super Bowl Ad Fest, This Time on the Cellphone

The Super Bowl remains the biggest mass-market advertising event in the country. But this year, a new kind of advertising — personalized and based on physical location down to a matter of feet — will greet fans in Times Square and MetLife Stadium, where this weekend’s championship game will be played.

At both locations, the National Football League has sprinkled tiny wireless transmitters that can send finely tuned messages to smartphones. It is the boldest test yet for a months-old technology that could change how brands of all sorts market to their customers.

The transmitters, often called beacons, will be in several hundred stores and public areas in the coming months, including at two dozen Major League Baseball stadiums and many Macy’s and American Eagle Outfitters stores. Apple already has the devices in over 250 stores. (More…)

Nick Wingfield / The New York Times