iBeacon Landmine Exhibit

iBeacon News: Weekly Update

iBeacon stops students from skipping class:

A new app, BeHere, uses iBeacon tech to help teachers take attendance as students enter the classroom. Students can use the app to ask questions on homework assignments, and teachers can respond and offer help in-app. Currently being tested in several Universities and pilot firms like Sambla Norway, BeHere is proving that iBeacon applications extend far beyond retail.

iBeacon & Mobile Payments:

Accumulate AB has just introduced a new mobile payments solution, Close Payment, that leverages iBeacon tech to facilitate brick and mortar payments. The solution works seamlessly with credit, debit, and direct-deposit payment methods – initiating transactions based on a user’s proximity to payment terminals (cash registers, vending machines, tablets, smartphones). Users can approve transactions with the click of a button. The solution also supports coupons, loyalty cards, and even ID cards.

iBeacon used in UN Exhibit on Landmines:

In conjunction with the UN’s International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action, iBeacons will be used to simulate a virtual minefield at the New Museum in New York City on April 4th and in Oslo, Norway thanks to Sambla. The virtual minefield will be a special exhibit to give museum-goers a chance to experience what it might be like to live in an area plagued by minefields. Participants will download a special app, which detects hidden beacons throughout the exhibit that “detonate” when a participant walks too close.

MLB Endorses iBeacon:

Major Leage Baseball has just released an update to its iBeacon-enabled app, MLB at Bat. The new update will leverage iBeacon to push instant replays to fans at stadiums across the nation. In addition to replay functionality, the app gives fans access to scoreboards, statistics, and news – and even helps provide directions to seats.