Grocery Store iBeacon

iBeacons Are Coming To A Grocery Store Near You

iBeacon devices are coming to the place most people actually need it: the grocery store. For the uninitiated, iBeacons are pieces of hardware used to accurately deliver location-based notifications to iOS 7+ devices. (They’re not complicated–in fact, you canĀ build one yourself for about $70.) Until recently, any geo-reminders app you downloaded (say, Foursquare) would be haphazardly hit-or-miss because GPS geofencing is often imprecise, andĀ iBeacon is also better than NFC, too, when it comes to payments. The goal of iBeacon is to provide consumers with timely, accurate geo-reminders–think a notification to remember the milk, dispatched as soon as you arrive at the store. (More…)

Tyler Hayes / Fast Company: