inMarket Rolls out Beacon-based Predictive Marketing Product "Quantum Receptivity"

inMarket Rolls out Beacon-based Predictive Marketing Product “Quantum Receptivity”

Most beacon use cases to date have involved messaging people as the enter a store or venue. But beacon proximity company inMarket is taking things a step further. As TechCrunch reports:

Beacon marketing company inMarket is unveiling a new technology that it calls Quantum Receptivity, which it says can help marketers figure out when they should show an ad to a shopper and have the biggest impact.

[Beacon data] allows the company to see when someone visits a store, how often they come and when they’re due to for their next visit. So if you go to the supermarket every Friday, then it might make sense to target ads at you on Thursday, or right before you leave.

In beta testing, Quantum Receptivity led to an 8 percent increase in store visits (compared to users who weren’t targeted in this fashion) and a 14 percent increase in dollars spent per trip.

This is exciting news for retailers and brands alike, and is a look at what the beacon space might look like as we get beyond the test phase. Of course, it requires major app user scale to aggregate this kind of data — so it’s probably not something we’ll see from every beacon company just yet. inMarket seems to have those bases covered, however, with the largest beacon-enabled app audience per comScore.