Juniper Research: Beacons to Deliver 1.6BN Coupons by 2020

Juniper Research: Beacons to Deliver 1.6BN Coupons by 2020

Juniper Research, a mobile and digital tech consultancy, forecasts that beacons will deliver 1.6BN coupons by 2020. Mobile Marketer has the scoop:

Coupons are quickly growing as a significant component of beacon-enabled proximity marketing thanks to strong redemption rates….

The results point to how proximity marketing is gaining traction as retailers look to engage more deeply with consumers in and around their stores, prompting the volume of beacon-enabled coupons to grow quickly from the 11 million expected to be delivered in 2015.

It’s important to note here that beacons themselves don’t actually deliver coupons. The apps listening for said beacons deliver the coupons. The beacon hardware itself just broadcasts a simple message that apps listen for, and then the software creates the experience.

That said, this is interesting news for the mobile proximity space. Most marketers have a love/hate relationship with coupons, and often times when the shopper is already in the store, the coupon is not the best form of creative. Additionally, mobile coupons are always 100% reliant upon the retailer’s ability to accept them, adding another layer to the program and making things more difficult for CPG brands.

It remains to be seen how coupons will perform against other creative delivered at the point of sale, such as reinforcing brand values, connecting to social media or reviews sites, or video.