inMarket M2M - Key Ring Example

Gannet’s Key Ring app joins inMarket Mobile to Mortar Platform

Gannett’s popular Key Ring app has joined inMarket’s Mobile to Mortar iBeacon Platform, along with previously announced partners such as Conde Nast’s Epicurious, ShopSavvy, and inMarket-owned apps CheckPoints and ListEase. With the inclusion of Key Ring, the M2M platform now boasts an audience of over 40 million users.

Gannett owns such publications as USA Today, ShopLocal,, and over 80 regional newspapers, among other properties. Its popular Key Ring app offers digital loyalty cards for over 2,000 loyalty programs in 27 retail categories from Grocery Stores to Airlines to Restaurants. The app also offers digital offers and a shopping list feature, with the overall goal of driving in-store consumer engagement with CPG brands.

“We’ve been on the leading edge of helping advertisers target consumers who shop in specific stores, and beacons have created a tremendous new opportunity for advertisers to reach these customers” said Chris Fagan, CEO and founder of Key Ring. “Shoppers will benefit from hyper-relevant content based on proximity, while brands and retailers receive unprecedented access to the path-to-purchase as well as data that allows them to track campaign performance.”


Source: 9to5mac

Key Ring will leverage inMarket’s platform to increase its ability to understand consumers on a contextual and hyper-local level, driving further value for both its users (in the form of more relevant content) and advertisers (in the form of more focused targeting and larger reach).

 From the press release:

 “inMarket’s Mobile to Mortar™ (M2M) — the world’s largest beacon platform — enables phones to recognize immediate surroundings in “smart locations” and awaken content when shoppers need it, adding concierge value to the retail experience. inMarket’s beacons use proprietary, secure Bluetooth Low Energy and geofencing to provide apps with a new level of micro-location awareness. Combined with Key Ring’s loyalty graph data that monitors millions of in-store transactions a month, this technology creates a cutting edge shopper marketing solution providing advertisers with unfettered access to shoppers in-store.”

inMarket’s M2M platform is gaining momentum, now having partnered with both Gannett and Conde Nast, publisher of media brands such as bon appetite, GQ, Vanity Fair, and WIRED. With two media heavyweights on its side, inMarket is close to proving that an open-platform approach to iBeacon will be the winning strategy for large-scale retailer adoption and implementation. We’ll be keeping tabs on inMarket as it continues to roll out its Mobile to Mortar iBeacon platform. It has demonstrated support so far from advertisers, publishers, and retailers – and we’re excited about the potential for this open approach to propel iBeacon technology into the mainstream.

 For those interested in learning a little bit more about iBeacon, check out this guide, and let us know your thoughts in the comments!