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Samsung’s Answer to Apple iBeacon: Proximity

Yesterday, November 11, 2014, marked the day that the Samsung Developer Conference started up in San Francisco. The sold out conference will be running until tomorrow, November 13th, however; major announcements by the company have already been made. Ssamsung made a huge push into the wearable and health technology, introducing new updates to their forthcoming Samsung Simband, a wearable health and wellness tracker capable of measuring heart rate, blood pressure and much more. Samsung also is reportedly taking a dive into the virtual reality market, partnering with several start ups on something called Project Beyond.

More importantly related to us at iBeacon Insider, the company has pushed live its website promoting its new Proximity, the company’s equivalent to Apple’s iBeacon. According to its website, Samsung Proximity is a “mobile marketing platform that connects consumers with places via cutting-edge Samsung location and context-aware technology.”

Proximity is essentially a copycat of iBeacon, almost a reactive move by the company but at one point, Samsung did surpass Apple as the top phone manufacturer at one point. The main difference between Apple iBeacon and Samsung Proximity however is the way each responds to Bluetooth LTE beacons. Apple iBeacons can alert a device only if there are specific apps installed that can ‘talk’ to these beacon signals. Samsung Proximity however is integrated directly into the phones hardware, meaning you do not need certain apps to receive such push messages.