Sephora is Taking it Slow and Learning from Beacons

Sephora is Taking it Slow and Learning from Beacons

Mobile proximity marketing is a marathon, not a sprint, and beauty retailer Sephora is taking its time with beacon technology. Mobile Marketer reports:

Sephora is exploring a number of types of messages triggered by a beacon when customers with the Sephora app on their phones walk into a store. Customers also need to have enabled beacon notifications on their phone.

“We want to make shopping extremely personalized and beacons are magical,” said Venkat Gopalan, senior director or architecture and development at Sephora. “We are able to target them when in the store with welcome messaging, reminders about their mini-makeover session.”

A key focus for 2015 and beyond is to tie together all of the digital elements to provide an omnichannel experience for shoppers.

Sephora is smart to be testing the technology, but by limiting engagements to those with the Sephora app, they’re likely missing a huge section of their shoppers who don’t have their app. It’s kind of like advertising on the web. You really need to work with 3rd party sites to hit critical mass.

That said, it does sound like Sephora has the right goal in mind. Omnichannel experiences, tied together by proximity tools like beacons, are the future of the retail-consumer relationship.