Solar Powered iBeacon Sunglasses?!

iBeacon Enabled Sunglasses!

In our never-ending quest to highlight exciting and innovative ways to employ BLE capability, this week we bring you Tzukuri: a company that has developed the world’s first pair of iBeacon-equipped sunglasses!

Tzukuri has implanted a solar-powered 3mm BLE chip into the frame of each pair of sunglasses, which then allows you to pair your sunglasses to your iPhone (no mention of Android, yet).

Why is this useful, you might ask? Well, similar in concept to Tile, Tzukuri hopes to help you solve a particularly irksome problem when it comes to eye wear – buying a fashionable, expensive pair of shades only to lose them when you are out and about.

 Once your phone is paired to your shades, your phone will notify you if they ever become separated by a distance of more than 16 feet- indicating that you might have left your phone behind. Or, conversely, if you happen to be wearing your sunglasses but walking away from your cell phone, their app will pick up on this movement and ring loudly, reminding you to retrieve your phone.

 The size of this chip – and the fact that it is solar-powered – are two reasons why we think Tzukuri offers a level of convenience that some consumers might flock to in this ever-more-accessorized world. Preorders will be available on their website soon. More info is available here.

 Are any of you readers looking to pick up a pair of these shades? Let us know your thoughts below!