Swarm Portal: iBeacon for Mom & Pop Retailers

There’s been a lot of talk about the potential for iBeacon to revolutionize retail, most of which has concerned enterprise-level solutions aimed at industry titans. But what about the little guys?

Today, Swam Mobile announced its iBeacon solution aimed at the small business market. The company’s “Swarm Portal” device leverages Apple’s iBeacon to track in-store traffic and sales data.

The solution comes with a dedicated iOS app for visualizing and analyzing data collected. The solution is designed for small business owners, and has a price to match. The device itself costs $79.99, and comes with a foot-traffic counter out of the box. For an additional $39.99 per month, the device can mine data like transaction-level information, conversion rates, and revenue tracking.

The Swarm Portal is not the first solution aimed at the small business market. Estimote, which has been covered extensively by the media, has similarly priced development kits designed for small-scale iBeacon implementations.

For more information on Swarm-Mobile’s small-business offerings, click here.

Small business owners, let us know your thoughts on the Swarm Portal in the comments – would you use it?