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Using Beacons for Employee Time Tracking

A small, cloud-based computing company is the newest enterprise to step into the beacon space. Replicon, a company who specializes in time tracking software, has announced today that its award-winning time tracking software will support the use of iBeacon.

The Calagary based firm, which has made its name by developing online timesheet and expense management solutions for companies, claims to have taken the hassle out of clocking in and out non-exempt employees.

According to Replicon, long lines build up at check in stations, especially for companies with a large number of employees. In addition, the new beaconized solution solves the problems of travel time abuse and missed punches, saving potential buyers of the software hundreds of thousands of dollars in incorrectly paid hours.

Here’s how it works: all employees under the new timesheet system will be required to download Replicon’s mobile application. The application is then “woken up” by beacons strategically set up at multiple entry/exit points, from which it sends timestamp data to an outside database for accurate check-in times down to the second. The same effect happens when an employee steps out for a break, or lunch, checking them in and out as they pass the beacon.

Replicon’s time tracking solution virtually eliminates the human error involved with the payroll processing of written timesheets. Human resource managers, rejoice!  Because your job’s got a whole lot easier..

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