Virgin Atlantic Tests iBeacon

Virgin Atlantic tests iBeacon

Virgin Atlantic and the Personalization of BLE 

iBeacon has been featured at Coachella, in MLB stadiums, and now at the airport!

Recently, Virgin Atlantic made waves as one of the newest entrants into the iBeacon space, as they announced that they were partnering with Estimote to start incorporating BLE technology into their terminal in London’s Heathrow airport.

So far, Virgin has provided two examples of how they are using this tech: pinging flyers’ phones to bring up their boarding passes as they walk through a security checkpoint, and offering flyers discounts at MoneyCorp currency exchange counters as they walk by one.

Interestingly, Virgin has only rolled out these enhancements to their Upper Class (aka First Class) clientele so far. So, even if someone has the Virgin Atlantic app – the “standard” requirement to receive a beacon push – that might not be enough: both having the app and having an Upper Class ticket are required. As such, Virgin has successfully found a meaningful albeit small way to personalize the hyper-local experience, making sure to ping users who are not only in the right place, but who also fit the right criteria. As more companies leverage BLE, we anticipate the opportunity to customize and personalize an experience are only going to increase.

A question to our readers! What other ways can you think of beacon pushes being helpful in airports? (A discount on duty-free liquor, perhaps J?) Let us know your thoughts below.

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