Waze announces Waze Beacons to boost location accuracy inside tunnels

Waze announces Waze Beacons to boost location accuracy inside tunnels


Waze recently announced a new program that would help drivers maintain accurate GPS signals while driving through tunnels. Allowing them to rest assured that they are on the right path and are not going to miss their exit. TechCrunch was able to find out more about how Waze plans on using their beacons.

“The Beacons program isn’t looking to get help from individual-driver Wazers in this case, but is looking for cities and tunnel owners who might be fans of the service to step up and apply to its program. The program is powered by Eddystone, a Bluetooth Low Energy beacon profile created by Google that works with cheap, battery-powered BLE Waze Beacon hardware to be installed in participating tunnels. These beacons would be configured to transmit signals to Bluetooth-enabled smartphones on the user end, taking over for GPS to provide location data when a car passes through a tunnel.”

TechCrunch also found out more about how they plan to roll this new program out.

“There is a cost to participate — each beacon is $28.50, Waze notes, and a typical installation requires around 42 beacons per mile of tunnel. But for municipalities and tunnel operators, this would actually be a service they can provide drivers, which might actually eliminate frustration and traffic because it could help ensure people don’t miss their exits, or are otherwise hesitant when navigating because of direction drop-outs.”

This is a great example of beacon technology taking the reigns when GPS location signals just can’t cut it. Beacons have the ability to offer pinpoint location precision unlike any other location technology available, making them increasingly valuable as location technology plays a larger role in our day to day lives. Seeing new use cases such as this one reiterates the strength of beacon technology and the growing role it continues to play within the apps we use everyday. We are very excited to see how this plays out!