WikiBeacon iBeacon Map by RadiusNetworks

WikiBeacon Maps iBeacon Locations

Radius Networks has just released WikiBeacon, an online map aggregating iBeacon locations across the globe. At the time of this post, the map contained around 13,000 known iBeacon locations on six continents (sorry Antartica). iBeacon locations can be uploaded by anyone who has Radius Networks’ Locate app to help expand the map’s coverage.

Included with the map are “Beacon Statistics”. Washington and San Francisco lead the list of US cities for iBeacon coverage, and sunny California leads the list of states. For now, it seems iBeacon early adopters and enthusiasts are the ones collecting the data points. It’ll be interesting to see how WikiBeacon grows and expands as the technology goes mainstream. An important catalyst for the spread of the global infrastructure will be the rate of adoption by major retailers. The keys to the rocket ship are in the hands of those with the scale and resources to push change and revolutionize brick and mortar interaction. For now, it certainly is fun to check out your local city! How heavily “iBeacon’d” is your neighborhood? Let us know in the comments!